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    We are committed to research, develop and manufacture powder packaging machines, only a few manpower can complete the powder material filling, measurement, code spraying, transportation, loading and other process. We have focused on powder packer research and development for 30 years, we are China's largest cement packer manufacturer.

RS-CWS type rotary cement packer

RS-CWS type rotary cement packer

multi-spout rotary filling structure, high accuracy, high production capacity

e-type cement packer

E-type rotary cement packer

multi-spout rotary cement packers for most broad application scope

Fixed powder packer

Fixed powder packer

1-4 spout fixed type filling powder packer. Stable property, space saving, easy to operate and maintenance

Tonnage cement packer

Ton bag powder packer

huge-bag packing equipment, suitable for filling powder material which packing bag's specification is more than 1 ton

Truck loader

Truck loader

suitable for truck loading job of packed material bags

more product

More Product

we have wide range of products

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